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cf_student's Journal

No Babies...Just Books! CF College Students
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Childfree college life
This is a community for childfree college students. Whether you are a traditional age student(18-22) or a re-entry adult student, this is the place for you. Undergrads, Graduate Students, Post-grad, faculty, administrators and those contemplating college are all welcome. I want this to be a place for free exchange of ideas and experiences with respect to being a college student who won't be using campus childcare.
Please keep in mind the following:
+This is a childfree comm. That means no parents, either present parents or future parents.

+You may rant, vent, praise, complain, explain, compliment, vent about the kid who shrieked all through your class presentation,..anything is open. Except:

+No snark toward other commenters, no wank. Keep it civil.

+Attention trolls: I just got my new banhammer, and won't hesitate to use it. There will be no warnings.

+Please consider locking posts. I'm too busy to fend off wank from stupid_free types. They have much more time on their hands than I do.

This community name will automatically be added to your profile once your membership is approved. Membership is approved within 24 hours.If you are not in any CF comms, please comment as to how you found us. Thanks!