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Introductions are in order...

Just joined up. I'm Adam, I'm 25, and I'm planning on going to my local community college starting this fall... hoping to work my way into a BS for Computer Science and start working as a programmer somewhere down the line. Main reason for that is because general computer technicians are a dime a dozen around here and jobs in the IT field(at least actual non-contract, full-time jobs) are almost impossible to find. I have my A+ and Net+ certifications and haven't even used them in any sort of professional setting.

I'm not even sure what I'm going to be getting myself into, but I'm plannning on full-time school as well as an(albeit flexible) full-time job. My main reasons for doing this is because I want to go through the motions as quickly as possible; that and I don't have any other things to do on my plate. I obviously don't have or want children to take care of, I'm not married, nor do I really have any social or familial obligations to uphold... so I can focus on my studies first. I'm proud to say I don't live at home, I've got a car, pay rent on a house, and, most importantly, a clean slate. No debt other than any student loans I'll incur. Anyway.. who thinks my crazy plan might stand a chance of working out?


Jan. 20th, 2009 03:56 am (UTC)
Your "crazy plan" stands an excellent chance of working out. Go for it! You're in a field that is flexible and very amenable to combining full-time schooling with work. Just don't let the academic workload get too crazy. Even better is that you are starting off debt-free! Like you said "studies first"



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