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My intro post!
I'm pretty new to the CF arena, since I'm only 20 years old! I'm pretty sure I've been CF my whole life(I hated playing the mom when my friends would play "house"). I'm going to UC San Diego, and I'm majoring in Environmental Chemistry, graduating in Spring of 2010. I have so many amazing plans for myself - finish school, intern in another country for about a year, and then go back to graduate school for my MS or PhD. I'm very goal-oriented, and my goal is to help those in Third World countries where the people and the landscapes face everyday environmental problems due to pesticides, waste from mining, and contaminated water. This involves traveling, which is not a very family-friendly :)

I believe that even a lot of childfree people have something to express their nuturing abilities on; dolls, pets. I think of the Earth as my child, almost; I care about its well-being and its inhabitants, and I want to spend the rest of my life helping it in every aspect that I can. Wow, I sound like a hippie.

Introductions are in order...

Just joined up. I'm Adam, I'm 25, and I'm planning on going to my local community college starting this fall... hoping to work my way into a BS for Computer Science and start working as a programmer somewhere down the line. Main reason for that is because general computer technicians are a dime a dozen around here and jobs in the IT field(at least actual non-contract, full-time jobs) are almost impossible to find. I have my A+ and Net+ certifications and haven't even used them in any sort of professional setting.

I'm not even sure what I'm going to be getting myself into, but I'm plannning on full-time school as well as an(albeit flexible) full-time job. My main reasons for doing this is because I want to go through the motions as quickly as possible; that and I don't have any other things to do on my plate. I obviously don't have or want children to take care of, I'm not married, nor do I really have any social or familial obligations to uphold... so I can focus on my studies first. I'm proud to say I don't live at home, I've got a car, pay rent on a house, and, most importantly, a clean slate. No debt other than any student loans I'll incur. Anyway.. who thinks my crazy plan might stand a chance of working out?


after such a great intro by cfchica i *had* to make an intro post :)

i'm glad she had the idea for this community because, contrary to popular belief, the hardest part about being a nontraditional student is NOT parenthood. bleh.

i'm 31 and currently wrapping up my MS degree... i have to do my thesis but because of CFS/fibro and a new part-time job (after being lucky enough to only be going to school full time) i'm having a really hard time working on it. my degree is in technology studies and i want to teach science to non-scientists.

i started college as a nontraditional student, too. right before my 21st birthday i started tech school (NH Technical Institute, which i think is called something else now), originally as an x-ray tech major. i was also a CNA and an EMT and i found x-ray to be really boring compared to what i was currently doing for work. i ended up changing majors a couple times before settling on forensic science and chemistry (double major) at the university of new haven. i graduated in 2003.

i tried a phd program in chemistry in nebraska before realising it was a bad fit. i worked for big bad pharma for a couple years, and then worked with explosives (every chemist's dream!) before deciding i wanted my MS degree.

the hardest part of college to me is dealing with the spoiled rich kids... no offense to anyone who is lucky enough to be handed tuition, but i worked for every dime of my school expenses (and loans), and there just isn't shit out there for aid for someone who is non-traditional in college. every semester was a fight to the death for the aid to keep me in school. i'm a whiz with FAFSA and government loans, so if you ever need any help navigating the system, i'm happy to help out my fellow cf buddies.

i'm glad you're all here! welcome, and i look forward to future posts!


Howdy! I'm a 24 year-old retread. I graduated a year ago from Texas A&M University (Class of '07) and found the job market sucked for B.S.'s in Psychology so 8 months after graduating and kicking around College Station as a Student Supervisor/Librarian at Texas A&M, I found myself in Corpus Christi working on a second Bachelors in Nursing at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. After I graduate and [hopefully] pass my boards I'll be going back to pursue a Masters/PhD in psych (if I can keep my GPA up now, it will make me much more competitive than what I had, which wasn't bad, just not stellar.)

Financial aide sucks, especially when you miss the cutoff date to declare as independent by one day, and cats don't count as dependents.

This is my second semester of nursing school (will graduate May 2010). This semester so far looks to be interesting - I should have horror stories the second half - I have maternity/nursery clinicals starting in April.

Nice to meet y'all :)


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